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In my beautiful reverie~~
random dump and scribbles
Nabari no Ou Al Fine Guide Book Drama CD Translation Part 3 
6th-Jul-2011 03:45 pm
Track 3 of 6.

[On the hill road to the Rokujou house
As it is after 5pm, the sun is aready setting, darkness wraps up the city.
In the distant the sound of insects and owls. Miharu and Yoite, walking on the stone stairs comfortably.
(sometimes Miharu walks rhythmically while walking the flat ways.)

Miharu: kokyuugo {native language}
Yoite: gôruden tenpuru {Golden Temple}
Miharu: ru, pi, i {ruby}(ascending the stairs rhytmically)
Yoite: Hidama {marble}
Miharu: Ma... Maki {firewood}
Yoite: kimari {agreement}
Miharu: ri-ri-ri-ri... rika {science}
Yoite: ka... kâbon...nanochûbu {carbon nanotube}
Miharu: What's that?
Yoite: It's carbon nanotube
Miharu: I see. Butsuzou {buddist image}
Yoite: Uta {song}

[The door to the entrance opens with a "garat" sound]

Miharu: I'm back~ I've bought the bean paste

[As if responing to the voice, a cry of a cat somewhere. (miao); Miharu has the impression to have just heard Yoite's voice]

Miharu: Hm?
Yoite: What's wrong?
Miharu: Shiratama? ... No, not her. That cry just now.
Yoite: Cry? A cat's?
Miharu: Haven't you heard it? (Yoite looks a bit restlessly around) I see no trace of it, perhaps your imagination?
Miharu: I wonder... you're probably right.

[The two take of their shoes, rise up and put the bag with the bean paste on the kitchen table. The paper bag makes "gasa gasa" sounds]

Yoite: That was cold
Miharu: It's already real winter now... I wonder of Granny is still busy with the shop. Want to drink soda?
Yoite: Yes.

[By openening the refridgerator, getting the the Soda pet bottle out and opening it, there is a "bushuu" sound from the exiting carbon acid. It foams with a "shuwa shuwa" sound, upon being poured into a drinking glass. One can hear the meoldy of the rice cooker from next to the lattice, telling that the rice is ready]

Miharu: The rice is boiled
Yoite: Seems so

[Miharu puts his glass with a "kon" sound on the table]

Miharu: Ah, right, since we are going to look at the meteorit shower, how about making some rice balls and take them over? We can eat them with everybody at the park.
{image: Kitchen table with rice ball making-material and tools, Yoite with sleeves put up, trying his bst to make one (crippled) riceball, blushing a bit, Miharu next to him, looking at the crippled ricebal, smiling, while forming a well-shaped riceball himself; rice is putting airs, as it is hot}

Yoite: Do we bring some lemonade, too? Since there is some of honey added one, Yukimi has made.
Miharu: Yes. It's cold in the night after all, let's make it hot. Let's hurry making them.
Yoite: We also have to depart, so that we can make it until 8.55pm
Miharu: Hm? (feels something being stucked in)... Yeah. By the way, Yoite
Yoite: Yes?

[Shuts his mouth]

Miharu: No..thing

Miharu (monologue): (Yoite is another one self of me, and yet totally diffrent. A person like that. (puts in a pause, as if to think) I think, I'm glad that I have met Yoite. )

My humble comments:
- Miharu, you are still repeating yourself....
- Comment from last track: >>PS. Why couldn't Miharu have a monologue about Yoite :(<< There you have it.
- Answer from me: >>If he had, I'd probably had screamed and dropped the whole thing. ^^;;;;<<< and Yea, how lucky, that was the last part of the track. Gosh. >.<
- Yoite cat has a cameo appearance? This is definitely a dream, I think. Have to read/listen to the rest yet, through. Though not all to motivated...
- carbon nanotube? What book did he read?
- About that another self. I can't remember what exactly that was about again. Somewhere fromt the Alya arc I think. How did he get that idea? Looking at it now, it seems very strange to me.

9th-Jul-2011 12:15 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
I've been waiting for translation fora looong time)))
14th-Jul-2011 12:05 pm (UTC)
Thank you for finishing. Did Kamantani write this? I hope this sells well and we get more.
14th-Jul-2011 04:47 pm (UTC)
Yes, it is the scenario she wrote. The audio track is probably based upon it.
I doubt, that there will be more. Nabari is pretty much finished, and to me she does not seem the type to insert cameo appearances, let alone crossovers.
15th-Jan-2012 01:32 am (UTC)
oh, thanks for your translations very much *______* But are you going to continue translating next parts? ._____.
15th-Jan-2012 12:55 pm (UTC)
Theoretically yes. Practically I don't know.
You can keep reminding me, perhaps I will then...
15th-Jan-2012 01:44 pm (UTC)
ok, I will))
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