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In my beautiful reverie~~
random dump and scribbles
Kawa no Hikari (NHK Special) - Translation  
2nd-Jan-2011 10:59 pm
Probably only 95% right.

edit: turned out some group has released a subbed version before these went to be of any use. 

Title: The River's Light

c: Wait, big bro!
T: Your're slow, Chicchi!
F: Tarta, Tarta!
C: Father!
F: Come and help me carrying the food
T: Eeh, just me? What about Chicchi?
F: Chicchi is, well... In charge of patrolling the river.
C: Yay, Yay!
T: Just Chicchi is unfair! "Patrolling", isn't that just playing around?
F: Don't complain, come already.
T: Yeeees...
C: Yay, Yay, Yay!
F: Don't go too far away!

F: This year's winter seems to get cold.
T: Yeah...
But, if we have this, it will be alright, won't it?
F: If you don't eat too much, that is.
T: Ehehe...
F: Good.
Tarta, you can go and play, too.
T: Yay!
F: But you have to take care ofChicchi... Oh, hey, hey... !
Oh my...

C: Woah!
It's a twinkling tree!

Hm? Huh...?
Can't get out...
T: Baah!
Haha, what are you doing?
C: Big bro!
T: What was that?
C: Ah, big bro!
T: Alright
What was that?
C: Oniichan!
T: Chicchi!
Are you alright?
Hold onto it!
Don't take your eyes off!
C: oniichan...!
T: Damn!
T: What's this?
C: Wuah!
T: What... is this one doing?
Tammy: Wah! Are you playing in the river? That's great, that's great! I have, you know, been taken to the sea a while ago! I swimmed a lot there! Water is fun, it's interesting, right?
T: Erm... Yes...
Tammy: But, but, I am a girl.
T: Er...
Tammy: You know, I can sit down and I can also lay down!
T: That's... Amazing.
Tammy: Is it? Is it?
I can even fall over!
T: Chicchi!
Hey, Chicchi!
Get yourself together!
T: Seems like he's alright.
Tammy: That's great!
T: I am Tarta.
Over there is my younger brother Chicchi.
Tammy: I am Tammy.
T: Hey, Chicchi!
You were close to dying!
Thank Tammy!
Tammy: That's alright! Rather play with me!
C: Tammy, doen't it hurt?
Tammy: It tickles!
T, C: Uwah! Uwah!
T: Is that alright?
Tammy: Yes!
T: Bang!
C: Hihihihi!
Tammy: How was it?
T: How... Even if you ask it like that...
Tammy: If I do it like this, I will be be praised by my owner!
C: It's interesting!
Tammy: Bang!
T: Somehow, I don't really get this...
Tammy: Hey, "bang" me, too!
T: It's already getting dark. If we don't get back soon, father will... Bang!
C: Hihihihi
T: Now, let's go!
C: Tammy, bang!
Tammy: I wonder if they are also "bang"ing over there!
T: What is this... It was a really unpleasant noise.
Tammy: Ah! It's my owner! It's the sound of my owner's car! I will get back, too. Let's play again! Tarta, Chicchi!
C: There she went.
T: Tammy, huh. Strange one. Let's go back.

sign: On account of this being a construction site, pedestrains are asked to pay attention to of the *diffrences of level*.

F: Tarta, you have to take care of your little brother!
What if it was an atrocious dog? Even if you regret it deep inside, it would have been too late then!
T: Understood.
F: Chicchi, you stand out easily. You have to be careful!
T: That's right! Because only Chicchi has such a strange colour!
F: Tarta!
C: It's not... strange.
T: It is strange! Only your fur has a color like snow.
C: It's not strange!
F: Ah…
T: Hmpf.

F: Chicchi, you really are exactly like your mother. Your dead mother also had a beautiful white fur.
Your hazel eyes, as well
C: Mum, too?
F: That's right. But you are easily found by crows and the like.
Chicchi, you should also take care
Come, let's sleep together
C: When i hear this sound, it really calms down
T: Me, too
F: That's the same for everybody who lives by the river.
Ever after they are born… No, even before that, they are surrounded by this sound

T: What's with this noise
C: My head is ringing

Old mouse: It's over
Second Mouse: Our place has already been squashed
Third mouse: How can humans do such things?!
F: This…
Old Mouse: As you can see, the river will be gone
Man: Be careful
OM: Everybody, we shouldn't give up.
F: But what should we do?
OM: The river flows anywhere. Anywhere
SM: You're saying to abadon this place, we're living in for generations?
OM: If you die, nothing will come out of it, won't it?

Mother: It's okay, it's okay
Father: You're a good girl, good girl
Mother: Please, but for now, please be silent
Father: Let's move to the town of the humans
Mother: Yes, also the sake of the children
Third mouse: You, did you forget about the honour of being a river mouse?
OM: Hey, stop it. What are you saying? It can't be helped, they have children.
TM: Even if you say so…
Second Mouse: Even I hate living in fear of the humans footsteps
OM: It's painful
SM: Yes…
TM: Sorry...
OM: There is nothing to apologize for. As long as you remember this, you will always be river mice living by the river, whereever you go

T: It smells after humans
C: The twinkling tree has been…
F: Prick up your ears, your nose to the right and left. Understood? Pay attention to what happen around you.

F: Tarta, we're going
T: What about Chicchi?
F: Already up and frolic
C: A trip, a trip, waii, me, I'll go, too, wai~ Trip, trip…
T: It's not a trip!
F: Silence, okay? There are cats. Owls have good ears
T: It's not a cat
F: Now, let's go

Sign: The river is crying

T: Wait…
F: Hazelnuts
C: They look tasty!
C: What?
T: No, nothing
I wonder if there are other mice around
F: Now that you mention it, I didn see any either. The food here is tasty, we might live here
C: So our trip is already over?
T: It's not a trip, I say.

F: It's suddenly coming down
T: Your're eating too much

Black mouse: Hey, what are you doing there?
F: Wait here, please
Hello, we are bear mice. You are… gutter mice, right? Erm… As fellows of the same kind…
BM: Shut up! This is out, the gutter mice' territory
As fellow of the same kind, he says, huh.
You mind to get out already?
F: Let's go
T: But…
F: They are not oppenents, you can come into understanding
BM: Wait, leave the nuts!
You, you are pretty conceited
Get them!
F: That's bad. Run!

BM: Wait!
T: They can't climb walls!
T: Over there!
C: Ahrg!
F: Chicchi!
F: Sorry, we've been too fast
T: You're injured?
C: No, I just fell over

T: Dad, where is the river?
F: I don't know… With this rain…
T: I wonder, to where the gutter mice' terrotory reaches
F: Near the river might be impossible…
T: Oh, no.

BM: Hm? What is it?
What's with this white one?
T: Quickly!
F: Let's go
Man: Aw! mice!
F: There is no one. Seems like we got out of their territory
BM: What is that?
F: There they are again!
BM: Outsiders!
F: We're encircled
Tarta, you can swim, right?
Chicchi, if your body gets into the water, it will naturally teach you how to swim, okay?
C: I'm scared…
F: It's alright! We are river mice!
BM: They aren't there! Here?

F: Can you hang in there a bit longer?
T: I'm fine
F: Chicchi, Chicchi
F: What should be do… Just what….

Glen: Here.
They could come anytime
F: Chicchi, we're going
T: Dad
G: Here
Turn over here
Straight ahead
T: It's a dead end
G: Above
Oh my, oh my
That was some hard rainfall
T: A gutter mouse
F: Erm…
G: my name is… Glen
F: Glen. Thank you, you helped us out
G: Tss. Aren't we fellows of the same kind?
F: You're right. You… Erm
G: Please don't put me together with them. It makes me sick
Ah, sorry for not noticing
Come here
There are no humans at this time
F: Glen, this is…
G: You know what books are?
T: Humans look at them quitely, right?
F: Exactly.
T/C: Uwaah! Astonishing!
F: Are these all books?
G: This place is… sort of a collection place
You are pretty good at climbing walls
T: But you can climb them, too, Glen
G: Well, I practiced quite hard for it.
Unlike you bear mice, I don't have knobs on my hands
I store my food here
F/C/T: Uwaaah
C: It's okay to eat?
G: I hate those, who hold themselves back
T: What might this be?
F: I see this for the first time!
G: Rest at ease
Cats and dogs can't enter this place
C: And humans?
G: This room is not used
T: And the gutter mice?
G: I am convinced they don't live here
F: Glen, you, also…
G: Yes, that's right. I was their fellow.
A story from long ago
You end up doing things you don't want to do, in that flock
There are also good ones. Please don't think bad of all gutter mice
T: Glen is okay, right?
C: Glen is kind, after all
G: Ah, I'm tired, I'll go to sleep already
If you get hungry, just eat
F: We should also go to sleep
T: It's quiet
F: They are reading books. That makes them silent
T: Eeeh. How mysterious. I wonder, why humans read and make books
G: Perhaps they are scared?
Of dying
They want to leave something, before they die
I think it's surely something about that
T: Hm… I don't really get it
G: Well, let's go somewhere else

F: Don't run too far
T: The tail of a book!
Book title: The four seasons of the river
T: It's the river!
G: It's fine to run around
But don't move the books
It's bad, if we are found by the humans, right?
C/T: Sorry
G: It doesn't matter
T: Glen, have you ever been found by a human?
G: I have
At such a moment, run away at once and hide yourselves with some scrap pf paper or something similiar
F: I see
C: Glen, you are a very well-informed
G: You will remember this soon
If you go through enough dangerous situations
T: Say, Glen, didn't you get lonely by living in such a big place alone?
G: Not at all
It's more comfortable, if no one is around
F: Ahaha, we disturbed you
G: It was me, who called you here
If you like it, stay as long as you want
The grains of light will fall over me.
The river of light will wash me away
Even if I want to stop it, the riverbed's grit will rustle and only crumble
I am drowning and melt into the river of light
Become one of these countlesse grains of light, and return to the full moon

Have you ever eaten this?
F: Not at all!
G: You are lucky
It's my first time, too
T: Woah, it smells great
C: Ah, let's quickly eat!
Everybody's having a funny face!

F: It seems like the children like you
G: I'm honoured
Living here is not too bad, isn't it?
F: Yeah
G: The children have been looking at the photograph of the river
F: Yes…

T: Glen
G: Living is to return
Going back to the source of nativity
Meeting with the sound of the tranquil river's flow
Let blood sink in
Fight enemies
Ripen from the fights and rise up again
To what ever place, I will continue to walk,
Seeking the light of the river
Seeking the light of the river

Is that you, Tarta?
Seems like I woke you up
Dry your tears and come here
The moon is very beautiful
Seeking the light of the river. It's something I did very often with my friends
T: I remembered a lot from the river, where I lived, and a lot of other things
And then it started to hurt in my chest
G: I know very well about the delights of living at the river
Tarta, you want to return to the river, right?
This library is safe. Cats, dogs and gutter mice won't come in
And I know about the ways to run away from the humans
There are also no worries about food
T: Glen, erm… I...
G: Yes, but there are no sounds here
No smell to transport your throughts
No capricious wind
No gras to throw your whiskers into
Nor even trees to seclude oneself into
And above all
There is no light of the river
Look, the moon is beatiful
If it weren't for the window's glass, it would be even more beautiful, right?

You can oversee the town from here
C: What about the river?
It looks as slender as whiskers
G: This is the rivers roadside of trees
If you cross the river, you get to the point, where the territory of the gutter mice starts
F: That's quite wide
G: There are two ways to return to the river
The first one is through a wide turn
But that way would be harsh
The other way is through the drainage
It's connected underground from the library to the river
T: And the gutter mice?
G: Luckily, the drainage is outside their territory
I should have told you that earlier. Forgive me
F: It doesn't matter.
We have also totally totally spoilt
G: It's sort of sad… That you will all go

F: We are in your debt
G: I hope for your safety
C: Don't forget us, please
G: As if I could forget you!
T: Glen…
G: Tarta, we probably won't meet anymore, but this is not a farewell
If you remember these word, I will always be right by your side!
T: Un
G: Become strong
Hey, hey, what's wrong?
If this drop falls down, start running
Now, go!
T: Seeking the light of the river!
G: Seeking that light!

T: It's dark, I can't see very well
C: Big Bro, don't stop suddenly, okay?
F: Let's move forward carefully
C: Like an agate
F: Hm… In this darkness
T: We will loose ouselves if we pay attention
C: Let's go, holding hands
F: That way we can't run
If we don't hurry for the exit…
T: I know!
Let's run, and bite on our tails!

T: Ouch, ouch, ouch
C: That hurts, dad!
F: Sorry, sorry
T: Heavy…
F: Prick your ears
C: The sound of the river?
T: No
F: That's bad!
F: Hurry!
F: Climb that up!
C: Dirty water
T: Hasn't the river perhaps gotten all dirty?
F: Gulping down dirty things ever so often
It makes it all clean
That's the power of the river

F: What's... this?
T: Uwah, it stinks!
F: It doesn't seem like the water will draw back
C: Uwaah
F: Chicchi, that's dangerous
C: Waaaii, a ship, a ship
Sway forth and back, forth and back
F: Hold on it tightly!
Hold onto it tightly!
Are you alright?
T: Ah, eh? And Chicchi?
F: Chicchi!
T: Chicchi!
F: Hey!
T: Chicchi!
F: Chicchi, where are you?
T: It's dark, I can't see anything at all
F: Hey, Chicchi!
T: Chicchi!
T: Over there!
F: I'm getting in!
C: Mu-Mum! Mum!
T: Dad!

F: Chicchi…
T: It's alright, he's alive
F: Thank god
T: Dad! Dad! Chicchi!
What should I do?
Ah, I have to find food!
Food, food
Wrong… First I have to carry them away somewhere, but how… There is dad… And also Chicchi…
Ah, I have to hand in there!
Blue: You are all mud-caked. And quite filthy
T: Dissapear somewhere
B: How courageous.
T: No!
B: You aren't running away?
T: You can't go this way!
B: I tell you, I don't anything besides fish
Fish contain docosahexaernoic acid
T: Docosahe…
B: Mmmm….
You seem in trouble
Follow me

B: The white one seems to be alright
Your friend?
T: My little brother
B: He is? You don't look much alike
T: Dad…
B: For the time being we can just make it warm for them and let them sleep
T: Erm, auntie
B: I am not an aunt!
My name is Blue
Blue as in Prussian Blue
T: Erm, Blue… Thank you… very much
B: You seem to be able to talk properly, after all?
It's alright, I was getting bored of living with granny and her husband
It's granny
Hey, you!
Granny: Oh, little Blue, have you been on a walk?
B: Hey, hide yourself properly!
T: Sorry
B: If mice are running arround, a cat's reputation will be crushed, won't…
T: Chicchi
B: Oh… You can't help this child, can you?

T: It's cold
B: Wash yourself properly
C: Auntie, I'm alright!
B: I am not an aunt!
C: Urorogu… Eh?
B: Next time you call me auntie, I'll kill you!
T: Oh, what a nice smell
B: Yeah, do you know dyed goods?
Granny hides some white things in it, and turns them over
Through I have no idea what is so interesting in it

Eat up properly
This tin food doesn't taste me too well
T: There is a lot of it left
B: Hmm… I get it three to four times a day after all
Granny is being quite absent-minded these days
She forgets a lot of things and recently she made a huge ruckus that she lost her ring
C: What is a ring?
B: Like this
It's twinkling
C: Twinkling?
T: Humans treasure them a lot
B: Yes, it was a precious ring she got from grandpa
Tarta, have him drink some water

T: Does is taste good?
F: Yes. I want to eat a bit more
T: Just wait a little moment

C: It's this
B: You! Do you want to die?
Ha, ha, ha!
You have just been a totally flushed mouse
C: Being red is better than being white
B: What are you saying? Stupid.
C: Don't tell dad and big bro
B: Hmm… I wonder if I should…
If you promise me to not do something as studpi again, I'll keep silent

B: So your mother has been white, too
C: I haven't seen her
She died right after she gave birth to me
B: Your mother was a splendid mouse
C: You can't know that, can you?
B: Then she was probably very smart and gentle
C: Even I don't know that, how can you?
B: I know it
Until she grew up, she lived properly, met your father, and gave birth to Tarta and you
As she was white and easily attacked, I think it might have been quite harsh
If she wasn't a splendid mouse, she wouldn't have made it
C: Yeah
B: if I just look at you, I understand that at once
C: Yes
B: Be proud of it
Because it's something precious you got from your mother

F: I don't know, how I should thank you
I really wouldn't think that a cat would help a mouse
There are all sorts of cats
Minato-cats like hunting bucket fish more than mice
F: Ah, not I get it
B: Are your injuries alright?
F: If we don't hurry, it'll become winter
B: True, the mornings recently have been quite cold
If i were you, I would like to have it warm
They are good children, right?
I wonder if I should have given birth to some children
T: If you have children, that is troublesome in it's own way
B/F: Wahahaha
T: Why are you laughing?
B: Ah, if it's the way to the river, I know it
T: Auntie, you know it?
B: I'm not an aunt!
Alright? It's not too far away
Go straight ahead the street before the house, and behind the kennel of the yellow house
Climb the concrete bloc wall
Walk above it, there is an overhang after three house, jump over it, and get down the wall beside the appartment
Go through the broken fence
Ah, here is always a cat, so be careful
Then there is a branch of...
F: Wa-Wait a bit
T: It's too complicated. Isn't there some easier way?
B: Eh? Erm… Go straight ahead, at the first door turn around
T: And then?
B: Go straight ahead
F: And then?
B: That's it. If you go straight ahead, there is the river
T: What, that's easy!
B: What, that not interesting, isn't it?
F: Ah no, that's already enough
B: I wonder
T: Eh? Where is Chicchi
F: Hm? Wasn't he there just ago?
B: That child couldn't be…
T: Blue…
B: Not here…
T: Blue, what's wrong?
B: A while before, that child has...
Ah, no, nothing
T: Hey, Chicchi
F: Chicchi
B: Chicchi, Chicchi!
C: Here!
B: Oh my, we've been worried, you know!
F: We're going!
T: What have you been doing in such a narrow place?
C: It was there
T/F: Ah?
C: This is somethin precious from Grandpa, right?
B: Chicchi!
C: Auntie, that hurts!
B: Auntie is happy!
Take care of yourselves!
T: Goodbye!
C: Be healthful!

T: It's the same smell as the river, where we have been living, right?
F: Yeah
C: I wonder, if we can live near this river
T: Here or there…
F: I will look at the park over there
T: And we?
F: Hm… Patrolling the river, perhaps?
C: Haha
F: Don't go to far!
T/C: Yes!
C: Say, doesn't the river sleep?
T: You mean, that the river stops?
C: Yes, when I sleep I wonder if the river also sleeps
T: It doesn't sleep
It always flows
C: Doesn't it get tired?
T: Perhaps it like flowing, look
It's laughting!
C: It really is!
T: You'll fall down!
C: Um…
T: What is it? Is the river crying, or so?
C: It's crying!
T: It's a swallows child
C: How terrible!
C/t: Dad!
F: Did it fall from its nest?
T/C: Let's help he4
F: Ehr…
C: Don't be scared, We'll help you already!

Are you cold? Are you alright?
Swallow: Um, thank you
F: It doesn't seem like you're hurt. Did you fall from your nest?
S: I have been flying for the first time
Then I got caught on a branch and fell into the river
C: It seems… You aren't used to flying yet
T: If you rest until your wings are dry again, your family will come and fetch you, right?
F. You have to get better quickly
Well, I will look around the park a bit more
T: I will look for food
F: Chicchi, can you watch him?
C: I can!
T: Food, food...
F: What?
T: What are swallows eating?
T: Next to the river it's all solid, too
F: It doesn't seem like we can make this one our home
C: You, where is you home?
S: In the park
C: Is that so. You mother and father surely are worrying about you
S: They have forgot about me already
C: That can't be!
S: Because I am a useless child
I can't fly after all
And look, my neck isn't black like everbody else's
C: You are just like me, then.
I also always get saved my my father and big bro and am white unlike everybody else
S: Is that so
C: How fluffy!
That's great
I also want to try flying!
S: I don't want to fly
C: Why?
S: I'm scared
When I think of falling down again, getting caught on a branch, and the landscape turn around
T: There aren't any earthworms at all
F: It's gotten cold
T: And we are finding less and less food
F: It's troublesome
Swallow Father: What have you done with our child?!
Swallow Mother: Did you kill her?!
T: They are her parents
F: Hina is alright!
SM: Lies!
SF: As if we would believe you!
Under the big signboard
T: Dad!
C: Right! I will search for your mother and father!
It's easy! I just have to look for swallow who look just like you
Hmm… The neck is black, right?
S: Erm
C: Got it!
S: Chicchi, that's dangerous!
C: It's alright, alright!
Erm… Is that a crow?
Big bro
It's you mother
But why is she attaking big bro?
She looks just like you, so there is no mistake
I will go and tell her
S: Ah, no, Chicchi! Chicchi!
What should I do?
SF: Is that white one of you?
F: Chicchi!
SF: We won't let you go anymore!
SM: Be prepared!
T: But it's true! Hina is alright!
SF: Lies! I heard that she got attaked by mice!
SM: Ah, my poor girl, who couldn't even fly!
S: Chicchi!
SM: She
SF: She's flying
SF: Oh, oh, I am sorry
If we think about her, we just…
F: Ah, no, I really understand your feelings
SM: Really sorry for picking on you.
T: No, no, I'm fine
SM: But it really makes a misunderstanding
You are quite unusual mice to help a swallow
T: We've met an unsual gutter mouse and an unusual cat

SF: Is that so. The river…
F: Ahead of this river, do you know if there is some place we could live in?
SF: Hm… There is just concrete ahead there…
Ah, I know, we just fly above it and look at it!
F: Eh, but…
SM: It's a token of gratitude for saving our child
Sf: That's right! Well be right back
Let's go
S: You want to live at the river
C: We are river mice
T: Seeking the light of the river
C: Seeking

C: You've flown
S: Just a bit
T: If we found out home, come over to play
S: Yes! Then I will fly properly!
F: How did it go?
SF: Straight ahead there is some natural place
T: Yay
SM: It's just
SF: Yes
It will be very dangerous
F: Please tell us, we don't have much time left until winter
SF: I understand, then…

T: It's almost like an earthquake
F: Alright, let's go!
Where is Chicchi?
F/T: Chicchi!
T: Chicchi!
F: That help, thank God
C: Sorry, I got surprised by the sound
It's thanks to Tamie, right?
F: So that's the station where we can live…
C: It's big!
T: Why are there so many humans?

T: They're digging a hole
F: It seems like nothing will come out of here…
C: I hate this sound
Dadang dadang dadang dadang
T: A huge snake!

Sign: Rabbit Pavillon
T: How do we cross the station?
F: I have though about it a bit, listen to me without laughing
Let's use that
C/T: Eh, that?
C: I wonder if this will work out
T: It will
We've managed somehow until now, too, after all

All: Uwah
C: How fast!
T: This only need an instant for what we need numerous days of running!
Seems like it stops
F: I will look at it a bit
C: What's wrong
T: We went back to the place of the swallows
T: How far will we go?
F: I've hear from grandpa mouse.
We of the bear mice kind, we have been changed by the sea and the sky, and also by using the humans' forest
That we are like we are now is probably because we inherited the change
C: What's the sea?
T: A great bucket of water
C: Have you seen it?
T: No…
F: Hehehe
Tarta, and you too Chicchi, if you get big, let's go see the sea
C: Where is the sea?
T: It's far away
F: The sea is far, far behing the river
It'll surely become a big adventure
C: Dadang dadang dadang dadang
F: This…
T: It's the sound of the huge snake
T: We crossed the snake!
Child: Hey, hey
Woman: Alright, alright
C: A dear smell
It's the light of the river!
We'll get away from the river!
T: Quickly, we have to get out of here!
F: Just like we'ven seen before, after this sound stops, this thing will stop and the back door opens
T: We'll jump out then
F: Let's go!
T: Ah, the door is not opening!
C: Why?
F: Leave it to me!
Continue running!
Woman: Ahh!
Men: Mice!
How can mice…
C/T: Dad!
Man: What's with this?
I am terribly sorry!
At the next station…

C/T: Dad!
You're alright?
F: Yaaaah, that was some big adventure
T: It's snowing
T: Somehow this is a lonely place
C: Cold
Eh? This is water
T: You are seeing snow for the first time, aren't you?
C: Yes
What about you?
T: It's the second time
But it's the first time I see so much falling down
What about you, dad?
F: Eh? Sorry, what was it?
T: About the snow
I've seen them numerous times
I also met your mother on a snowy day
C: Ah
There is something over there!
F: Gutter mice?
T: There isn't anything!
C: Eh?
T: Aren't we going towards the place the swallows told us?
F: It's dangerous to move now.
Let's look for some other place
T: Yeah…
Somehow, isn't this getting narrow?
F: Now that you mention it
Watch out!
We will reach the place, the swallows told us soon!
Let's make ourselves a warm place to live
Let's eat tasty things to out heart's content
T: Chicchi, are you alright?
F: Can you stand?
It's just a little bit more

T: It's been quite harsh, but I am glad we returned to the river
C: Me, too
F: Me, too
T: I wonder, how much time has passed since we started this journey
C: We've walked a real lot, and swam too
F: Chicchi, you have also grown wuite big
C: Is that so?
T: Everything is pure white around us
C: If we hide here, I am the one who is hard to find
F: Now that you mention it, Mum said the same thing
That amidst the snow white mice are hard to be found
C: Mum
T: Say, doesn't it look like you're climbing up the sky, when you look at the snow?
F: You're right, Tarta
C: It's like flying
T: I'm tired
C: I'm not feeling cold anymore
F: Let's sleep a bit

Mouse: Hurry, it's over there!
Bear mice, just like us!
Hey, are you alright?
I haven't seen them before
What? Aren't we fellows of the same kind?
Hey, hang in there!
Quickly carry them
C: It's about time that we'll have the children to help us
T: Ah, not about just now, they are in charge of the river patrol after all
C: Tarta, you really are soft
Don't tell me
T: Let's go
How terrible!
Over there the flow is fast!
We have to save him before that!
Help me!

C/T: Tammy !
Tamie: You live at the river? That's great, that's great, play with me!
T: Tammy, you just don't change, do you?

[Ending Theme]
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