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In my beautiful reverie~~
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31st-Oct-2011 11:32 pm - Moved

Alice and the Prince Frog by flame崩坏


Title: Alice and the Prince Frog
Original Source: http://www.u17.com/comic/19103.html
artist: flame崩坏
u17 profile of artist: http://i.u17.com/280091/

Reading direction:
Left to right
Download oneshot

A little imaginary fairytale-esque oneshot. The insides are are three colored, which kind of reminded me of several short stories of Nakamura Asumiko, "I am piano" for instance. Or Mihara Mitsukazu's "The Canary".
Chang Ge Xing ~ Song of the Long March by Xia Da

Title: Chang Ge Xing ~ Song of the Long March
Original Chinese Title: 长歌行 
Chapter: Teaser
Source: http://www.u17.com/comic/14325.html
Artist: Xia Da (夏达)
u17 profile of artist: http://i.u17.com/108005/

Reading direction: Right to left

The latest work of Xia Da, probably most known for her "Zhi Bu Yi" alias "Dare mo Shiranai" series.
It began serializing in the February Issue of "Manyou" this year, and subquequently via online release on u17.com at the end of April.

u17.com is a manhua online reading site, calling itself 原创漫画梦工厂, meaning about as much as "Original Manhua Dream Works".
Among a lot of amateur works, there are quite a handful of professionals there and even among the amateurs there are enough skillfull ones releasing their works on the site. Most of them are original works, but I have also spotted some doujinjis there as well.
Page by Page online reading on u17.com is free, to enable chapter batch-download one has to pay a fee.

The teaser chapter contains various seemingly random pages of the series, along with the announcement of its online-release. It gives a good impression on the mood and drawing skills of Xia Da.
Xia Da uses quite flowerish and literary Chinese. I doubt my translations do her justice, but this work does certainly look good to me.

Editing skills by me are also rather mediocre, but it should look not too horrible.
With this it's already over half of the running time.

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Track 1 of the 6 Tracks of the Al Fine Bonus Drama CD.

Did this quickly in about 10-15 Minutes, so not all too properly proofread. Corrections appreciated.

EDIT: Revised script in accordance to the written script of the Al Fine book I have finally received.

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21st-Jan-2011 02:18 am - Shounen Note chapter 03 Translation
I did not add who said what, but it is in order and I think it is not too much of a trouble.
Unsure phrases exist. Corrections are appreciated. Especially if I got some musical vocabulary wrong.
This is just a quick draft. Please DO NOT USE FOR SCANLATIONS, unless properly proofread by somebody well capable of Japanese.


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Picked out scenes I found interesting (or very easy to translate).

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Probably only 95% right.

edit: turned out some group has released a subbed version before these went to be of any use. 

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