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Nabari no Ou Al Fine Guide Book Drama CD Translation Part 2 
5th-Jul-2011 07:51 pm
With this it's already over half of the running time.

nothing: spoken text
[]: descriptions as in the script
{}: Image description made by me

Track 2:

[After school, when the day is about to end, on the schoolyard]
[One can hear the sounds of the footbal club's training from far away]


["Batsu", the sound of hitting the ball]

Miharu: Ah
Raimei: Yay, a homerun!
Koichi: Wai... Wasn't it about catchball, Raimei-san?
Yoite: She did hit it back with her hands....
Shijima: As I said, a lion girl. No wait, more like a cow?
Koichi: Oh man (starts running) And the one who is catching them is me, through...~
{image of them all on the grounds, a fence in the backgroud, Koichi jumps after the ball that Raimei hit, Yoite turning around following it with his eyes, Miharu sort of spacing out]

[Not being able to help it, Koichi runs after the ball to the corner of the grounds.
After that, Raimei, who laughs "hahaha"]

Miharu (monologue): (Raimei is a strong person. She cries, laughs and is happy without restraints. If she laughs, people around her start laughing, too. If she is criying, the atmosphere tells about her sadness. How to put it... Life force. Yes, Raimei is very strong at living her life. I think, I'm glad to have been able to meet Raimei.)

[In the background of Miharu's monologue, while Raimei and the others are throwing and hitting around
(Koichi: I'm throwing!;
Raimei: Go and come!;
Shijima: As said, don't hit back!;
Yoite: Uwah
Raimei: Hey, Koichi, where are you throwing it?)]

Yoite: Miharu?
Miharu: ! Ah.... Yeah. (The glove claps with a "poshi poshi" sound) Hey, Yoite, teach me how to hit the ball. No matter how I hit it, it always gets into a curve
Yoite: Sure. I think, it doesn't go well, because you put in force in your shoulder, the moment you throw... So, like... this...
Miharu: Ei. Wow, it flew straight.
Yoite: Quite skillfull, right?
Raimei: Yoite, you are quite good at baseball, aren't you? You are really skillfull at both throwing and hitting the ball
Koichi: And you legs are quite fast, too. Has this been you forte since former days?
YOite: ... I had wanted to become a baseball player.
Miharu: Yoite...
Raimei: I thought so! It seeped out that you were giving your best, Yoite. I was wondering why you'd put so much effort into it.
Yoite: Let's leave it at that... About me...
Raimei: Oh, he's feeling awkward! (She claps with a "bash" sound on Yoite's shoulder)
Yoite: Uh
Raimei: So a baseballplayer...? Hey? (throws ball to Koichi) And you Koichi? What did you want to become? In the future?
Koichi: (catches with a "bash" sound) That, are you assuming airs towards me?
Raimei: Well, this talk may not have much to do with Mister "immortal hakutaku", but as the middle schooler Koichi Aizawa, isn't there something you would like to do, when you "have become an adult"?
Koichi: Mmm... Well. It's not like, I was living a idle life as Aizwawa Koichi. I do think, that I want to do things that make my parents happy. Study space engineering, and someday become an astronaut...
Shijima: Haaa!
Koichi: Don't laugh!
Shijima: If as an experimental animal in space, you would be used at once, no?  As a creature that can endure any harsh enviroment.
Koichi: I want to go as a human, you know
Miharu: Still it's unexpected
Raimei: It's unexpected, but that's fine, too. Aizawa, the astronaut
Yoite: To me the space is far too big, so I don't know anything
Koichi: That's right, I don't know. It's interesting, isn't it. No matter how long I have lived, I haven't yet gone into space by my own power. Yeah... Ah, but, the sea 10 000 meters underwater is also quite interesting. Like discovering new species of sea fish
Raimei: You go quite for the extremes...
Shijima: In short, this one just wants to observes the world he does not know.
Yoite: Observe...
Koichi: You could put it like that. I want to know anything. As I am alive, after all.

Miharu (monologue): (Koichi is of the type to watch attentively He said, he'd lived long and has seen all sorts of people and records, but he has seen through 160 years like a bird who silently stopped on a tree. Things from the surface world, from the world of Nabari, and about me, just everything.... Koichi has watched over them. Done the favor of watching over them. I think, I'm glad, I've met Koichi.)

Raimei: Exploration of the space and the sea.... That sounds great, too. But, but, I also want to reopen the Shimizu Family's doujo, learn with Kazuho-san and run a sushi shop. Being a teacher like Tobari-sensei is also not bad, I'd also like to try being a fossil exhumator like Hanabusa-san, while curating in a museum~ And then...
Yoite: You said you wanted to be a singer just recently.
Raimei: Ehehe
Koichi: As expected of you, Raimei-san, your dream is big.
Raimei: But, my even bigger dream is to... "become a bird"
Koichi: A bird?
Raimei: Koichi, you can chose between being a bird and a human, right? I always thought that it's great. If I were to become a bird... Right, I think I'd like to become an owl. I have a---lways wanted to fly through the sky without any sound, together...
Koichi: Together...
Raimei: Ye-Yeah
Raimei & Koichi: ... (blush)
{Koichi hides his face half behind a glove, rather red. Raimei almost as red, both think of two owls flying hrough the night sky, Shijima standing before them with a grin}
Miharu: Your faces are all red, you too.
Shijima: If you become an immortal like ourselves, you can experience it from start to end. Well, try your best.
Raimei: You are making fun of me
Shijima: Sure
Raimei: Ki---!

Miharu: Now that you mention it, what about you? Is your dream observing, after all?
Shijima: I am diffrent from the fussy bird and the greedy girl. That's right, I'd want to become a cat, after all. Lazily idling around by my own way day in and out.
Everbody: ... (pause)
Raimei: Hasn't it already come true?
Shijima: Naa, it's still far from my ideal. I have been shown off by humans to much until now anyway.
Miharu (Monologue): (Shijima is our cat Shiratama. Shiratama lives there freely, leaves the flat and dissapears. But she definitely always comes back. She lived longer than me, knows more about Mum and Dad than me. She is the cat who was always by my side. I think, I'm glad that I have met Shijima.)

Shijima: What about you, young man?
Miharu: Me...? I haven't yet...
Raimei: We're just a middle schooler yet. There is still enough stuff to try out for us to find. It's fine not be be impatient about that. All fine.
Shijima: You have persuasive powers, but, lack a sense of impending danger
Raimei: (staring fixedly) What do you mean?
Miharu: ...
Yoite: Ah...

[Yoite drops the balls from his Glove with a "Boto" sound]

Miharu: What?
Yoite: I forgot
Miharu: What did you forget?
Yoite: I came here, because your gandmother asked me tell me, that you should buy 1kg of Moromi bean paste from the shopping district on your homeway.
Raimei: Ehh~
Miharu: The bean paste shop closes at 5 o'clock, let's hurry!

[Miharu and Yoite hand Koichi their gloves, while uttering]
Miharu: Koichi, Glove pass
Yoite: Pass
Koichi: Wai- (takes them in a rush)
Shijima: Oh my, oh my...

[Miharu and Yoite start running]

Miharu: We might make it, if we run, let's go, Yoite
Raimei: See you later then!
Miharu: Eh?
Raimei: The shooting stars!
Miharu (remembered it): Ah!
Koichi: At 8.55pm, don't be late, okay?

My humble comments:
- Miharu, you are repeating yourself.... First time he said that phrase I though that should add to the raimeiXMiharu hints of the last chapter, but that way it sort of sounds dumb.
- What was it what Shijima meant? Appearantly some very obvious trait of Raimei, but I can't remember it at all....
- I am working through it sequentially, means, I don't know what comes after either. Just out of bad habit I read few line of the last page(s), it seems to be definitely Manga timeline (Yoite cat seems to appear) and this until now is a flashback/dream of Miharu, as it seems
- still not knowing where this is supposed to happen in the Manga timeline. I can't remember at all, when they have been all friendly with each other. Kazuho and Raimei got in touch after incidents of chapter 50/51, as far as I remember? ... Probably just off, because it's a dream?
- That picture with Aizawa and Raimei blushing is really cute. The real heroes of the series. Oh, how I curse the ending. 
5th-Jul-2011 10:56 pm (UTC)
Wah, so cool. Thank you ^_^. Now I need to find these pictures...

PS. Why couldn't Miharu have a monologue about Yoite :(
6th-Jul-2011 07:29 am (UTC)
If he had, I'd probably had screamed and dropped the whole thing. ^^;;;;
I kind of dislike Yoite ever sind the Anime. The manga ending did not really contribute to the contrary for me, either...
8th-Jul-2011 03:23 am (UTC)
Oh the anime. I just don't know what happened with that whole ending.

I'm just glad that Kouichi and Raimei had that cute bit of interaction here ^_^. Their story really made me sad too D:
8th-Jul-2011 03:28 pm (UTC)
In my case, the anime did not make me sad, but sick. And I stil can't stop myself from raging over it. >_<"
(Deleted comment)
8th-Jul-2011 03:16 am (UTC)
I can't believe that never even occurred to me. I don't blame the kid for running out of material :p.
5th-Jul-2011 11:24 pm (UTC)
Thank you! It is so nice to read something new after so long. It has to be some sort of alternative reality storyline as I don't imagine Kouichi wanting to be an astronaut.

Maybe they are on the same dimension as Yukimi's arm. (ducks)
6th-Jul-2011 05:02 pm (UTC)
OMG~ A KouMei moment~ Yay this drama CD and YOU ARE Awesome! I love you!!*hugs*
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