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Shounen Note chapter 03 Translation 
21st-Jan-2011 02:18 am
I did not add who said what, but it is in order and I think it is not too much of a trouble.
Unsure phrases exist. Corrections are appreciated. Especially if I got some musical vocabulary wrong.
This is just a quick draft. Please DO NOT USE FOR SCANLATIONS, unless properly proofread by somebody well capable of Japanese.


Page 1


I have never heard anything...


Sidebar: As the miracleous voice echoes, swallowed by the boy's fate


Like that boy soprano…


Page 2

Shounen Note ~ Days of Evanescence

Yuuki Kamatani


Third sound: Teas Drinking Muse


Sidebar: Riding the flow, bringing emotions over


Page 3

The choir club is practicing






Is that so…



Pretty impressive

That boy


That boy?


Page 4

Aoi Yutaka-kun

The boy soprano


Beats me


I wonder if he is is actively singing outside his club activities, too.


Who knows…


"Who knows…"?


I don't know.

I just let them do as they please.


He has a great talent!


Page 5

The sound is carried well rounded

His basics come from the branch of hight-tune choruses


The ability to express himself abundantly


A voluptuous sound…!


His voice is the pinnacle splendidness of what you can get from a boy soprano


Page 6

And along with the splendidness his voice is filled with the insecurity over losing his current voice…


Is it really alright to leave it at the club activities?

If we wishes for it, I want to present him with a "path above it"




He could even get as far as to take the leading part in an opera


Page 7

I am a member of a citizen troupe and know somebody, who directs…


Excuse me…




That's why…

… Yes?


You are the consultant of the wind instruments club, right?




Wouldn't it be fine if you just find your geniuses there?


Page 8

Why does something like that have to be the consultant of the chorus club?


Why does something like that have to be the consultant of the chorus club?!




Page 9

Tomo-kun, even through you have a good voice…


Eh~? Where did I get it wrong?


Have I really been off the right sound?


Yes. Pretty much at that.


*neririshi kirurushi ilala shite iru ka*


You don't even get the sound right with the tuning fork…


Don't give up on me~ I also won't give up yet!


Aoi-kun and Machiya-senpai are really skillfull…


Page 10

Especially Aoi-kun is pretty outstanding



And it's even such a difficult piece


Almost like a professional


If you like talking more than singing, how about joing the bradcasting club?


You freshmen can still change activities, right?


Page 11

People like Takamine-senpai…

Every club has one like her…




Uwah… He's crying again…


It's a tender and solitary song…



It really hurts


Page 12

Don't say unnescessary stuff to Aoi-kun!


Before you care for others, how about care about yourself?


Outstanding… or like a professional


We're holding a meeting, please assemble


It's a chorus, how can you like it if one single person stands out? Really…




Page 13

Yutaka is... too skillful


The progrmam for the freshmen are these bucklings and these impressions.


Or top goal is to participate in the chorus contest in october, no…


The first place!


Page 14

The challange of this year is the piece "Voice" by Liliko-san


I will play it now


I really like Liliko


Me, too


She makes you cry.


Why do we have to sing JPop…


Say, if we make it into the national tournament, do you think we can meet Liliko?


That's right? What would we do then!



Now, silence, please


Page 15

In proportions the Melody of "Voice" is a catchy piece


So we will choose a serious work for the piece we can choose ourselves


How about the practice of this piece?


It was difficult


Among the chorus pieces this one a a difficult one


And the rhythm is also hard


You didn't turn your tongue


I think we should go to the contest with an a bit easier piece


Page 16

If you are talking about difficulty, any piece will be difficult


We we put ourselves together, this will become a great song


If we sing it at the contest, I am sure it will be a lot of fun

To you this may be easy, Yutaka, but…


Hey, hey, what will we do, if we get timid even before we started practicing?


I and Machiya, we will teach it you, so don't worry


Page 17



What? Erm…


It's ok


I'm Ise from class 1-3




When will the consulting teacher…




The chorus club doesn't…



I'd like the freshmen to understand this…


Oota-sensei is the consultant teacher, but at the same time he is not.


Page 18

That teacher has no expectations


Don't worry

Our club costs are all paid properly






Easr Kawaumi Middle School has participated at the contest only once


And atop of it, it got nominated in the district


And the teacher who knows about music is already taken by the wind instruments club


Our club room is the former school hut, regardless of the cold and heat


Still we practiced every year, aiming for a contest nomination and were able to improce our records


Page 20

Even if it is just us, we can make it


Let's show the world that we can make it without problems



But more importantly, Betsuyaku-kun


This piece…

Is divided into three parts with mixed voices…

Will they really gather? The boys…


Wouldn't we get disqualificated even before the contest?


Page 21

It's true, no boys entered the club at the club presentations


But they will gather! Even now!

*where is the basis for this statement*


For the time being we will hold Tomo on the reserve bench



In the worst case, the bass parts will get shape, if about two more enter


We also drew and hung out a lot of posters


Page 22

The freshmens should also try persuading the boys in their class


Go… Got it.


Will it be alright?


Rubbish! It will!


The boys will be complete

And we will guide the practices properly


The, at first we will definitely enter the district tournament


If we sing this piece perfectly, getting into the cational contest won't be a dream


Page 23

Let's all go national!




Page 24






I have prepared the second part of the girl voices, but, as I have not used it…

*got it, got it*


Then, don't forget about the practice on saturday morning


This year, I will sing, too


I want to sing


Page 25


Everybody, do your best


Page 26

I didn't know there was a bookstore in this alley


Thanks to you, I was able to buy old magazines


Good for you~


Machiya-san, thank you for accompanying us


No, I didn't do anything…


By the way, Machiya-san

We've just met again, why did you follow us?


Half out of interest, half out of boredom



Page 27

The sound of the morning wind


It feels good



That's because both the river and the sea are beautiful here


Page 28

In summer, we could go gathering shells at the river


Sign:  Oppose





Al sorts of things from before I was born, are being told, like how the river mouth was, or that a factory was built


But as everybody opposes it, it's very likely not true


I'll also oppose then!

I don't want this lovely street to change!


I'm glad, Aoi-kun~


*doga doga*


Page 29

This is my grandfather's place




Page 30

Ah, a host[ホルスト]  (unsure)

Gramps, we're here~




Page 31

Welcome Tomoya


The usual cocoa, trice~


Good morning


Good morning! We…


You are Aoi Yutaka-kun, right?

And you are Machiya Midori-san


I've heard a lot about you


Sfx: poro poro poro


Page 32

This is my box full of ten years worth of toys from hobbies I lost interest of


Sorry about talking so much



It's wonderful


Haha. Thank you


Is that a stage?


Page 33

It's not as splendid as a stage, through


Every two months I call an artist and hevae him give a mini concert




You want to try singing on it?




I've heard that you really like singing


Page 34

I'd very much like to hear you?


I also want to hear it


Me, too, me, too!




I actually set this up, for you you come






I hope you don't mind, but I'd like you to listen to this boy's live performance~



This child's?


Page 35

So it's a boy soprano~


In my younger times, I had such a beautiful voice, I was even called "Kenbou of Hibari"


This person, he's started again…







What will he sing for us?


Page 36


Sfx: pokon pokon


As it gives the sound of the universe

I'll sing "Cosmos"


Page 37

The sound of the universe?


*Natsu no ku-sa-hara-ni* [In the summer's meadows]


*Ginga wa-- takaku… u-tau* [The galaxy sings highly]


Page 38


*toii jidai no na--gori---* [The remains of an era long ago]


*ki-mi- wa u-chuu* [You are the universe]


Page 39
*Hyaku oku nen no rekishi-- ga*  [Ten billion years of history is]
*ima mo karada ni*
*nagareteru* [flowing in my body even now]


Page 40



Yutakas voice throroughtly sunk into the ground


Page 41

Calm and distant, even more than light




The flow of time is bewitched and dissapears


Page 42

Into the galaxy


Page 43

I was overwhelmed, really


The guest in the shop have been as well


Page 44



I really think that this boy is a real hope for Japan


You are probably right


And he also has this characteristc charm boys have before their puberty vocal change


Such a song filled with so much brilliant energy…


Well, even after this vocal change, I think he will be alright with lower tunes


Page 45

But, indeed


It's really regrettable, that the way things are, it will be lost eventually


Tomo-san, you are quite strong to be able to say it like that


Of course the one who decides is Aoi-kun himself


I wan't to point them out to him


Page 46

The path he can chose


Bookcover: Kawaumi disctrict opera production

11th year  Proposal


Shounen Note / End

Next in Morning 2 Issue 43


random personal comments:
~ All this music stuff is giving me headaches. I am about as amusical/tone deaf as Tomo-kun, or rather, I'm worse. It's horrible, seriously.
~ The teacher will most likely become their club cosultant, as she is most probably the pendant of the teacher in the octave one shot.But she look more female and less tomboyish here.
~ Yutaka sure looks like Miharu on the final Nabari cover
~ This hat. Does Kamatani habe a linening of these sorts of hats? I hope Raimes hat-style als gets a perfomance~
~ The whole galaxy-daydream-stuff. That all visually reminded me a heck lot of that one special big illustration of Nabari you could buy for very expensive. Just me?


21st-Jan-2011 11:14 pm (UTC)
Thank you for translating!
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Thank you!
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