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Shiki chapter 37 (38), Chinese Partial Translation 
8th-Jan-2011 11:15 pm
Picked out scenes I found interesting (or very easy to translate).

page 1
sign: Sotoba Bus Station

Kaori: I have decided to leave the village

page 2
After I hit dad, I fell unconscious, when I saw Yuuki-kun

When I woke up I was alright and have been sleeping in my bed, dad's corpse was also nowhere in sight

Next to me there was a note left

note: Leave the village as quickly as possible

Forgetting everything else
I asked my relatives to take me in
My parents died of an illness, my brother died in an accident, I have never seen Yuuki-kun and there exists nobody called Megumi-chan, who was my childhood friend

page 3

page 4
So these people are also leaving the village

Granny: You...
Are you the sister of that boy of the Tanaka house, whose hair is sharp about here?

K: Ah... Yes
That's the old lady from the Takemura stationary shop

G: Your brother is not with you?

page 5

page 6
[no text]

page 7-8
Ozaki Toshio chapter 16: Lament, Skull and Anguish

page 9
Masao: I'm about to vomit

I can't stay in the village any longer


page 10
M: I don't want to die


Megumi: As expected this way
After all that's about the level you are at

Masao: Shi

Magumi: It's as I told you, Yoshie-san
That's the guy, who tried running away

page 12

Yoshie: Coward
Seems like I have to teach you a lesson

We cannot run away...
for the sake of Sunako's ideal

page 13
same day, at the same time
East of the mountain

page 24

page 18
Sunako: Shizuka, tell Tatsumi and everybody to escape
Shizuka: Really?
Sunako: Yes
Shizuka: then we will all go together to Tatsumi
Prepare everything that is precious and take them with you
Sunako: No
I want to stay here

page 19
Tatsumi: is that so...
Sure enough, Sunako chose that place to die in?

Then, Shizuka, tell everbody what you have just told me


page 32

Ozaki: that's not goof

page 33
[no text]

page 34

page 35
Chisato: This sure is hard to look at
We've made dinner and came over to look at the state of things and then it's like this!

Let's start!

page 36
宗貴, I'll help you

Motoko: Iwao!!!
Where is my father in law, Iwao?!

man: You all...
saved us...


page 38
Ritsuko: Tooru-kun
Let Yasuyo out of here

page 39
Tooru: ....
The villagers have already started hunting down the Shiki
If they were to break in here, they will kill you, too, Riccan

Even if you were to not attak anybody, nobody will praise you for it

Ritsuko: Please

page 40

Yasuyo-san, there is something I want to ask you

page 41
I case you will not be attaked by us Shiki and get back to the village
please don't tell anybody that I am here

Yasuyo: I understand

page 42
Ritsuko: Can I stay by your side?
Tooru: Ricchan
Ritsuko: Hm?

page 43
If I pass my drivers licence exam
Let's go to [兜風] together

Are you scared?

page 44

To be continued in march issue
8th-Jan-2011 11:04 pm (UTC)
I was curious of this chapter too XD and I am hoping it can be different than the anime :3

and the next issue will be until march? ;_;
8th-Jan-2011 11:10 pm (UTC)
It says march issue, but the current issue came out at the beginning of january and counts to february. The issues come out at the 4th of every month, according to the website.
8th-Jan-2011 11:16 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah, I forgot... *face palm*
sorry about that and thanks for reminding me too XD
8th-Jan-2011 11:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks for this! Good to see Shizuka has a somewhat bigger role in the manga :3
8th-Jan-2011 11:41 pm (UTC)
Wow, thanks a lot! Kaori's my favourite character and i was dying for reading this chapter ^^
9th-Jan-2011 02:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lot for translating some parts of it.
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